Funeral of Rick Kid Brian Nthara killed while robbing a bank takes place

By Wadza Botomani

The funeral for Brian Nthara, a young man who was killed by angry mob after he robbed a bank has taken place at his home village in Edingeni Mzimba.

The country learnt with shock when news spread that Brian was a son of a rich business man James Nthara. It left many People wondering why a young man with all the money already got himself involved in armed robbery and went on to rob the bank. He had robbed Likuni FCB bank

Brian body being laid to rest
Young and Rich

Brian was caught when the motorbike he was using failed to function and the mob pounced on him at Likuni Hospital. At the time ,he had already stolen K12 Million kwacha from the bank

Brian Nthara, a graduate from the Malawi University and Applied Science (MUBAS) formerly The Polytechnic.He was born in a family of James and Margaret Nthara who had 3 children ,2boys and 1girl (Brian,Thompson and Nerani).His brother (Thomson Nthara) died in 2017 in a motorbike accident .

Killed by Angry mob, Brian Nthara