Government urged to introduce First Aid lessons in schools

By Cathy Maulidi.

Government has been called to introduce First Aid Studies in schools if the country is to reduce hospital admissions and save resources.

The call comes as Malawi on 10th September, joined the rest of the World in commemorating First Aid day but Malawi Red Cross Society commemorated the day on 17 September under the theme ” Be a first aid hero at school and in your community”.

The Commemoration that drew different stakeholders together, saw experts discussing how First Aid in Malawi can be improved.

In an interview, Dr Yankho Luwe, Ministry of Health Acting Deputy Director for curative and medical rehabilitation services responsible for emergency response and disaster management said having first aid studies in schools would help reduce cases of admission in most casualty units saying many admissions in the hospitals now are as a result of lack of care at the time of injury.

On his part, Patrick Phiri Malawi Red Cross Society Acting Director of Programmes concurred with Luwe saying Red Cross has noted a big improvement on the country’s health system because of First Aid.

“First Aid is an integral part of our programming. currently, we have trained 400 schools in First Aid and that’s ranging from Tertiary, Secondary and Primary schools. There has been a big change as now learners help each other when there is an injury case and other health problems. So bringing First Aid studies in Schools will have a huge impact”. Said Phiri.

But Ellen Simango, Ministry of Education Deputy Director responsible for Basic Education said the issue requires further discussions on how the Curriculum can be incorporated.