History of Malawi will not remember Chimulirenji as veep- Chilima hits at Adzonzi

By Chalo Mvula

Vice President on Malawi and Tonse Alliance running mate Saulos Chilima has hit out  at former Vice president  Everton Chimulirenji  and urged him to stop spouting nonsense in DPP rallies. Chilima who was speaking at rally he addressed together with Tonse alliance leaders  at Njamba, was responding to a statement made by Chimulirenji  where he accused Chilima of ousting him as the country vice president

Earlier ,at a rally that took place at Masintha in Lilongwe, Everton Chimulirenji  claimed  that  he could still have been the vice president of Malawi if not for Saulos Chilima who ousted him by going to the courts  so that elections should be nullified.  In his response Chilima firstly reminded Chimulirenji that he did not oust him from  the veep position but  it was the courts.  He questioned Chimulirenji’s ability to understand of  things  and it was the courts  and  judges who made the final court decision not Chilima.

Chilima said Chimulirenji disrespecting of the judiciary is very worrying . He attacked DPP and UDF leaders for continually disrespecting the courts of the land.

Chilima said Chimulirenji did nothing is his tenure as vice president of the country except  answering to his boss Mutharika as “yes pulofesa”. He  went on to say Chimulirenji cannot even  manage to be a vice president of DPP party.

Chilima had no kind words for the Muluzi family either. He repeated his accusation that Bakili Muluzi stole $500 thousand dollars and that the former leader should pay back the money. He reiterated that the UDF  DPP alliance  is all about protecting each other from prosecution  ”DPP and UDF alliance is an alliance of thieves” .  He warned Malawians  that they should not be hoodwinked into voting  for an alliance that is aimed at stealing from Malawians.

Huge crowd that gathered at Njamba

Chilima also had strong words for Atupele Muluzi whom he said is enjoying the privileges of a vice president  just because UTM and MCP went to court to challenge the outcome of the elections  “Atupele should know that  if we didn’t go to court  you could not be a running mate or be enjoying privileges like a vice president”.  He warned the young Muluzi to refrain from dividing the country through religious and tribal rhetoric

Chilima said the parties that form the Tonse alliance  made that decisions with the aim of bringing the country together.