Chakwera Challenges Mutharika to a debate – Wishes Muslims happy Eid

By Chalo Mvula

The presidential candidate of the Tonse alliance who is also the president of Malawi Congress Party has challenged President Mutharika to an election debate. Mutharika who is known for shying away from debates hasn’t been seen in public for the past two weeks and hasn’t started campaigning yet. Chakwera made the remarks at a rally he held at Kapiri in Mchinji.

Addressing the thousands of people that gathered Chakwera started by commending his alliance partners for coming together to form the grand alliance. He told the gathering that some of the alliance partners had the capability to go it alone, but have humbled themselves, joined the alliance and opted in having one presidential candidate.

Chakwera in Mchinji

Chakwera then took a shot at Mutharika, challenging him for a debate which he described as having prospects of being exciting.  It is unlikely though that Mutharika will accept the offer. DPP is known for using a strategy that sees its candidates avoid debates. Both Mutharika and running mate in the late election Everton Chimulirenji skipped the debates.  When asked by reporters at the end of the rally on what he meant by calling Mutharika for this debate Chakwera said “We usually have debates around this time , so I don’t know where Mutharika is? Mutharika should come out and let us debate issues that are affecting the nation”

Chakwera also went on to recommend religious leaders who are being bold and brave in speaking out against the evils of the current regime. The Tonse alliance torchbearer said he has so much respect for all the religions in the country. He took this opportunity to criticize political leaders who want to use religion as a tool to divide people for political gains. Chakwera expressed that he was saddened by other leaders who want to portray MCP as a party that does not accommodate Muslims   “Let me remind them that the vice president of MCP is Hon Sidik Mia who is devout Muslim, so do  not let anybody lie to you that MCP is against Muslims” Chakwera described MCP and the Tonse alliance as tolerant to people of all faiths. He then wished all Muslims a happy Eid  Mubarak celebrations.

crowds welcoming Chakwera

He urged the gathering that everyone should make sure that they go and cast their vote. Malawians have suffered for so long from problems caused by corrupt leaders and increasing levels of nepotism that limits opportunities to people from other parts of the country and only rewards a few. He promised that his government will make sure that the new Malawi should be a better Malawi for everybody.

At the rally MCP secretary general  Eisenhower Mkaka also asked the president to welcome members  who had defected from the ruling DPP party.