DPP has neglected Northern region-Claims Mtambo at Rumphi rally

By Chalo Mvula

The Commander in Chief of CFT movement Timothy Mtambo has accused the ruling DPP government of neglecting the people of Northern region. He was speaking in Rumphi at a rally he addressed together with other alliance leaders that Included MCP director  of Youth Richard Chimwendo.  Mtambo told the thousands that gathered that the northern region has suffered from empty promises from the DPP regime.

Mtambo who started the day with whistle stops that saw him greet people in Ekwendeni and Enukweni made bold claims that DPP promise to build a University in the region has not been fulfilled. President Mutharika back in 2015   laid a stone to mark the beginning of a project to build Mombera University. 5 years down the line the university has not been built. Mtambo reminded the people that DPP promised to build a new airport in Mzuzu but has not been fulfilled. He also mentioned of Rumphi Chitipa road which has been another empty promise

Mtambo, Chimwendo , Chihana in Rumphi

Mtambo told the gathering that Peter Mutharika is a president who does not understand problems that affect Malawians. He questioned whether his many years of living abroad affected his understanding of   Malawi problems. Mtambo reminded the people that Peter Mutharika only came back to Malawi because his brother then, Bingu, was the President.  He said DPP has failed to provide drugs in hospitals and has also failed to properly investigate several atrocities including the killing of albinos.

He encouraged the gathering that a safe choice in the next presidential election will be Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Dr Chilima, leaders he described as having greater understanding of issues that affect local Malawians.

Mtambo cautioned Malawians to be careful when listening to leaders like Atupele Muluzi.  “Atupele is a leader who has never faced problems in his life as he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth”. He called on those that support UDF to wake up, dump the party and support Tonse alliance as they are just being used to achieve Muluzi’s personal family ambitions.

He reminded the people to vote for alliance torchbearer Dr Lazarus Chgakwera.  “Chakwera is promising to create jobs for young people. He will continue development from where Kamuzu left” . On claims that MCP is an evil party ,Mtambo reminded the gathering that claims that MCP is a bad party are false as the party has new leadership now. He told the gathering that all those who made MCP to be a bad party  are now part of the DPP UDF alliance citing names like Nicholas Dausi, Heatherwick Ntaba Bakili Muluzi and Henry Mussa

Also in attendance at the rally was Aford only member of parliament Yeremiah Chihana, who a few days ago raised eyebrows as he was pictured with renown DPP fixer Leston Mulli. Chihana told the gathering of his commitment to the Tonse alliance.