Jesse Jendah mourned as Malawian Reggae lovers pays tribute

by Durell Namasani

It was in the late 90’s when the Malawi government had freed up the airwaves to allows private radio stations to open up . One such radio was Power 101 FM , the radio that quickly became known for its strong links with Jamaican music Industry. Various Jamaican artists came to perform and among them was Jesse Jendah also known as Congo Bongo, the artist who quickly connected with the locals and whose death on Tuesday 8th August 2023 has shocked Many Malawians

It has been reported that Jesse Jendah has passed away. His Management company Mightyful13 Records Management confirmed with the message Dear family, fans colleagues,& many loved ones .We are saddened by the untimely passing of Revolutionary fyahbrand itist Abba Congo Jesse Jendah iki King Furnace.Congo Jesse I~fficial Words can’t express the feelings of grief at this time.We will share the re pass info soon.Give thanks for your con’t support”

A native of Clarendon, Jamaica Jesse has been recording music since the 1980s.Jesse was also a member of Philip ‘Fattis’ Burrell’s Xterminator camp back in the 1990s, along with Luciano and Sizzla

Ras Ray Harawa one of the Rastafarian elders in Malawi said Jendah’s death was a blow since the musician not only brought Jamaica to Malawi, but also took Malawi to the world through his music.

“He has internationally acclaimed songs where he talks about the beauty of Malawi, like Rasta Empress. Although he was born in Jamaica and mostly lived in America, Malawi was his home. He was part of our family as Malawians and the rasta community,” said Harawa.

Founder and owner of Power FM 101 Mr Oscar Thomson who was instrumental in bringing Jendah to Malawi described Jendah’s death as a blow since his music not only brought Jamaica to Malawi, but also took Malawi to the world through his music and also a person who made the station one of the best across the world.

“As a DJ at Power FM 101,Jendah Populized the Station back in the days when the country had only one private Radio Station,I was touched hearing of his demise and I will always miss his inborn talent”.Thomson who is currently abroad said.

There has been no other details surrounding his death and funeral arrangements will be announced later.

Apart from his music , Jendah was is also remembered in Jamaica as the Reggae artist who, in the summer of 1999, infamously offered a quarter pound of Westmoreland high-grade ganja to former Prime Minister PJ Patterson, to inspire him to pursue cannabis tourism, while the herb was still criminalized in Jamaica

He was who was known for songs such as Rasta Empress, Mark of the Beast, Reparation, Leonard Howell, Rothschild Crash Bank, Weed Free, Kween Of The Morning Star, Rasta Love and the single Zomba Mountain. Jesse also worked with local artist Limbani Banda and featured in some of the songs from his Chisoni Mkumatenda album