Joseph Alfazema back on the music scene with new Album ‘Chipasupasu’

By Staff Reporter

Musician Joseph  Alfazema has resurfaced with his fourth album titled Chipasupasu. Based in Lilongwe, Alfazema, who made headlines with his debut album chonena ife tilibe  just over a decade ago, which also had other hits such as ‘Maphunziro’, has been out of the limelight for some time.

Speaking about his break from the Music scene Alfazema said that he has been silent as he was monitoring the market. “It was just a matter of time but the production of music needs proper preparation and that is what I had to do. Some quarters have had the feeling that I am done with music but this is a career that made me and opened doors and so I am still in it,” Alfazema said.

The new alsum has recorded at CL Touch Studio in Lilongwe by Viwe Chibwana, younger brother to Limbani Chibwana,. Music Videos of some of the songs have already been uploaded on Youtube “It’s been hard work and I am thankful that I am through with this project. Of course two songs were recorded by Limbani Chibwana,” Alfazema said.

Musician Joseph Alfazema

Just as he has done in his previous albums tackling various issues affecting society, Alfazema has done the same in this album.

“We as artists, are the voice of the voiceless and we are also advisors and, so, there are songs that are touching on different areas. The album overall talks about God’s love for us and in turn we are also supposed to show each other love,” he said.

Alfazema said there is no love amongst people these days.

“People are jealousy of each other’s successes but God wants us to love one another,” he said.

There is a track titled ‘Zikomo’ in which Alfazema has taken time to thank God for peace in the country.

“Our land is blessed, we have beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and, on top of that ,we have peace. Our friends in other countries do not know peace because there are wars and so this is reason enough to say thank you God,” he said.

With corruption rampant in the country, Alfazema has also taken time to talk about the issue in the track ‘Chinyengo’ and blames individuals and government departments for being corrupt, saying this has ended up retarding development.

“As I have indicated, I have tackled different issues and I have not avoided love which is paramount,” he said.

Other songs in the 10-track album include ‘Wamnzako’, ‘Ulendo’, ‘Mapenyapenya’, ‘Sitype Yako’, ‘Kapolo’, ‘Mindset Change’ and ‘Mlungu Wathu’.

Alfazema’s other previous albums include Mutchuke Ndinu and Nkhalakadzi.