Journalism graduate, Bernie Kankhono embarks on a project to protect the environment

By Chisomo Phiri

In an effort to eradicate dangers that come due to climate change and protect the environment, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism ( BAJ) graduate at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Science ( Mubas), formerly the Polytechnic Bernie Kankhono has embarked on a project called lens on climate change aims at protecting the environment and recognize the climate change champions in communities.

In an interview, Bernie Kankhono said the project is a professional development where they ads assigned to cover and report articles on adaptation and good activities that will help reduce the climate change challenges.

He said the project also recognises climate change champions, those people that are helping to reduce the impacts created by climate change in their communities.
” Through this project, we want to find out how many people are working hard to reduce impacts created by climate change in the communities and what other new steps should we carry on in fighting against issues of climate change.
” It is a very nice project trying to engage young people to be climate ambassadors so as they help in reducing the impacts caused by climate change and also reducing carbon emissions”, said Kankhono.

Bernie Kankhono

Kankhono who is among only 23 young journalists who have been awarded the grant globally by the British governmeng to implement the project said his future plans through the project is to continue advocating on better practices on resilence and mitigation to climate change.
” My plans are to continue advocating on better climate practices so as to completely end challenges that come due to climate change. Am very happy that am part of few who have been awarded this grant and I promise to bring change through this initiative”, he said.

He said currently, he has already produced 3 climate change related feature stories and more than 8 news reports through Malawi Broadcasting Station ( MBC).
“Currently, I am producing 3 feature stories on the climate change which are shown on MBC TV in beyond headline, a news and current affairs program. I am also working on the same at Lake Chirwa in Zomba”, said Kankhono.

In his words, Excutive Director of Leadership for Environment and Development ( Lead), Professor Sosten Chiotha commended Kankhono’s involvement in the climate change actions. In his appreciation, Chiotha gave Kankhono a book he co-authored on climate change so as to extend his reporting skills on climate change.
” We feel very excited to see young leaders playing a big role in reducing climate change