Kalindo calls for the arrest of man in MCP regalia brandishing weapons

By Vincent Gunde

Political activist Bon Elias Kalindo, has asked the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) led Tonse Alliance government to arrest an a man dressed in MCP attire whose video clip is viral in various social media platforms inciting violence against those that are against President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s leadership.

Kalindo has observed that a member of the DPP Tiaone Hendere was arrested by police in Phalombe for inciting violence by urging DPP members not to allow MCP to campaign in Phalombe claiming that Phalombe is a DPP stronghold.

Man in MCP colours making threats

He said Hendele’s arrest followed a video clip of 2nd March, 2024 and this was in reaction to allegedly suspected MCP thugs who dressed in DPP attires ambushed DPP members armed themselves with phanga knives, catapults and big stones in their hands to disrupt peaceful DPP Blue Convoy Parade in Lilongwe City on 24th February, 2024.

In the video clip which is in circulation, the man while brandishing his panga knife in front of the camera, is heard that “they don’t care whether one is living, has money, position, region and church  but as long as one is castigating or insulting President Chakwera, he or she will be slashed of  ears.”

The man in the video clip has vowed to die for President Chakwera by not allowing anyone in the country to castigate and insulting President Chakwera assuring all that if found, one should be prepared to be chopped of his or her head.

“We will chop your heads and hands with these panga knives you are seeing in this video clip,” narrated the man.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo has asked the Malawi Police Service (MPS) to arrest the MCP member for Malawians to trust the police that they work professionally.

Kalindo said for 4 years of the MCP led government, the Malawi Police Service has been seen working as MCP Police saying this has been evidenced by only arresting opposition members while those in the MCP are scot-free.

He said Malawians are expecting nothing from the police but justice for the MCP assassin to be arrested and prosecuted in a court of law just the same as Tiaone Hendele who appeared before the Phalombe Magistrate Court to answer a charge of inciting violence.

Appearing in court, First Grade Magistrate Leonard Fletcher Mtosa released on bail Hendele , ordering her to pay K100,000 cash, one surety to pay K500,000 non-cash bail condition and reporting to Mulanje Police Station twice a month.

Meanwhile, Kalindo has advised Malawians to keep on watching at MCP squabbles ahead of the elective conference to be held in August, 2024 saying all the eyes should be on the position of the party’s Secretary General

Kalindo has warn the MCP that if care is not taken, there will be deaths of people vying to contest for the positions claiming that some are working hard to use charms and guns to eliminate their opponents reminding the contesters in the MCP that before they were elected into those positions they are holding today, there were others yesterday.