Kayembe applauds Chakwera’s government for committing resources for developments

By Vincent Gunde

Dowa West Parliamentarian Ephraim Abel Kayembe, has applauded President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and his government for committing various resources for development projects in constituencies including Dowa West.

Kayembe said the launch of Mdika Irish Bridge in his area is a dream comes true because the area had two wooden logs which people had been using to cross from one side to the other but now, construction of the bridge has reduced mobility challenges in the area.

Abel Kayembe

He said construction of Mdika Irish Bridge was designed to cost K50 million saying as the phase one has completed, it has spent K31 million meaning that he will go to the Dowa District Council for additional K10 million to finish the remaining portion for phase two of the project.

Speaking during the launch of the Bridge, Kayembe appealed to the communities to keep patience for the whole bridge to finish its construction works saying he is aware that some of the communities were thinking that the bridge will finish according to their expectations.

“Government is committing resources to many areas including that of Mdika Irish Bridge, let’s keep patience,” said Kayembe.

In his remarks, Dowa District Council’s Principal Public Works Program Officer Justice Limula, said the council provide resources according to the needs of the community claiming that people of Mdika requested funds to finish their bridge.

Limula said construction of the Irish Bridge has helped children to be going to school even during the rainy season and business people to travel with their goods at ease saying the bridge has formed a link between two villages.

He said construction works was being done in phases saying at first K16 million was used from the District Development Fund {DDF) k6 million was again used from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and the bridge was cut off due to heavy running water.

The Officer said an additional K9.9 million has been used to complete the construction works bringing to a total of K31,970 million saying had it not been for other challenges, the bridge was designed to last for 3 month but it has taken 6 month.

He said the project has taken long to be completed attributing this challenge to Mdika River which is more like a stream with a flat area and during rainy season, the river gets flooded saying this led to a section being washed away by running water.

“We are now happy as a council that people of Mdika have finally been assisted with a bridge to ease mobility challenges they have been going through,” said Limula.