MBC staff cheers sick Pamajiga star Anyoni

The Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) staff took time to go and cheer the famous actor popularly known as Anyoni on Tuesday.

Anyoni, real name Elson Soko, has been sick for a while with heart problem, hence MBC’s courtesy to pay him visit at his house in Machinjiri in Blantyre on Tuesday.

Anyoni is a popular name of MBC’s radio play ‘Pa Majiga’.

MBC staff cheering actor Elson Anyoni Soko

MBC Director General, Aubrey Sumbuleta led the MBC officials to cheer him. As a tradition the public radio officials presented assorted items. The items included eggs, cooking
oil, sugar, salt, milk and many more including cash.

Sumbuleta promised to take Mr. Soko to hospital shortly. ” he is an asset. As an institution we commit he will be taken to hospital soonn for appropriate care ” stressed Sumbuleta