MCP members in UK urged to continue fight to ‘liberate Malawi’

By Chalo Mvula

Members of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in UK and the whole diaspora have been urged to never give up but continue to work hard for the party until Malawi is liberated from Corrupt, Nepotistic and illegitimate leaders..

The call was made by MCP National executive Committee member and Deputy director of International relations Edgar Chipalanjira when he addressed MCP members at an event in UK city of Manchester on Saturday.

Chipalanjira and Mandindi

Chipalanjira said MCP as a party fully recognises the crucial role Malawians in diaspora play in influencing policy and political decisions as well as development of the country. “You guys are not only beneficial economically, but, as the last elections have shown, the diaspora has the capability to influence different aspects in the whole political spectrum”

On the meeting it was agreed that the future of Malawi is facing immerse challenges notably the increasing levels of corruption, lack of rule of law and the ever growing levels of nepotism at the heart of the government.

Chipalanjira highlighted that the only hope to save Malawi is MCP leader Dr Lazarus Chakwera. “While we cannot comment much on the ongoing election court case, but its not a secret to say the only leader who can deliver Malawi from the painful times we are passing through at the moment is Dr Chakwera”

The election case is due to resume in a few days and if the opposition MCP and UTM can be successful in their court challenges, then Malawi can face a presidential election rerun.

Also speaking at the event, the deputy leader of MCP Diaspora Wing Allan Mandindi, assured everyone in Malawi that those in diaspora will not just sit down and watch while the country is being run down by political crooks. He promised that MCP members in diaspora are ready to stand with Dr Chakwera until Malawi is liberated from the failed DPP regime.

Some of MCP members who attended the event
Chipalanjira: Making a point