Mia impressed with construction of security staff houses in Karonga

Written by Emmanuel Moyo

Deputy Minister of lands, Abida Mia has expressed satisfaction over the quality and progress of construction of staff houses for security institutions at Ipyana and Songwe border in Karonga District.

Mia made these remarks on Wednesday when she visited Ipyana and Songwe border to inspect the construction of staff houses for the security institutions.
Speaking in an interview, Mia said the progress and quality are impressive.
She said: “I am happy with the progress of work at both Ipyana and Songwe Border, the standard of bricks and work are of high quality and the houses are really impressive.”

Hon Abida Mia in Karonga

Mia further said the standard of these houses will have a huge impact on quality of work from the security officers.
“Employees to be housed in these houses will be happy and that will make them give out their best services to the citizens of this country and this is the aim of the President and his government to ensure that police and other security agencies are very happy and accommodated well.
She has since warned that her ministry will not accept substandard quality of the houses being constructed.“We will not accept poor quality work because these houses are to last for many years to come in the next generations.” She said.

In a separate interview, Managing Director of Fukumele Building Contractors, Clement Mukumbwa said despite challenges they faced in the begining, they expect to complete the work within the timeframe.
“We faced some challenges like the topography and delays in the drawings because of Christmas holidays last year but we expect to finish within the contract period.

He said There are a total of 25 houses to be constructed in Karonga, 15 houses at Ipyana of which 3 are for senior staff, 12 for junior staff and at Songwe border a total of 10 houses, 2 for senior staff and 8 for junior staff.

The timeline of this project is 12 months, it was launched last year on 15 December and it is worth 1.3 Billion kwacha for the construction in Karonga and it is being carried out by Fukumele Building Contactors.

Project Architect Davis Mbewe briefing Hon Mia