Chakwera applauds 40 year service of retiring CCAP Minister Rev. Winston Kawale

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka:

State President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has applauded the services offered by Reverend Dr. Winston R. Kawale in his 40 years of serving as a church minister of the CCAP Nkhoma Synod.

Speaking during the Retirement Ceremony held at Kang’oma CCAP Church of Nkhoma Synod at area 23 in Lilongwe, President Chakwera told the gathering that Rev. Kawale has been instrumental in a number of services in the development of the country, citing his service in education as a lecture, as a church minister and as person who served in several organizations across the country.

This, said the Malawi leader, is testimony about his passion and dedication towards serving the mankind.

President Chakwera who concurred with the Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Central, Lobin Lowe, Synod Moderator, Biswick Nkhoma, and Senior Chief Tsabango on how special and humble Dr. Kawale’s ministry has been all along, told the congregation that the retiring Pastor has served with intent integrity and intelligence.

Further, the Malawi leader said Reverend Kawale has laid a very profound foundation for the future generations of church ministers, saying in Rev. Kawale, he is reminded of some early ministers like Rev. Josophat Mwale whose memories of services still live to-date.

He then urged the retiring minister to continue with his services despite leaving active ministry, saying he still has a lot to offer including giving advice in different areas.

Turning to social issues, President Chakwera told the congregation that there is need to trace how some businesses are being established yet the same resources are continuously being scarce in government facilities, citing presence of many pharmacies in trading centers across the country as example of areas to be looked into.

He has since congratulated retired Reverend Kawale for his long service in the church ministry, saying it is not easy for one to serve for such a long time with passion and dignity and thanked the church for dedication towards development of the church.

Ordained on August 30,1981 at Mlanda CCAP, Rev. Kawale has served for 40 years and his retirement will give him time to concentrate on writing a history book for Nkhoma Synod since 1962 alongside Reverends Dr. Chatha Msangaambe and Dr. Willy Zeze.