Mubas students develop an artificial intelligence system to address environmental challenges

By Chisomo Phiri

The two final year students at the Malawi University of Business and Applied ( MUBAS), Blessings Mlundira and Towera Grace Banda have developed an artificial intelligence system  called Project Deep Clean which is expected to address some of the environmental challenges that are currently affecting the global.

The project of the two was showcased at Faculty of Applied Science Symposium that held on campus last week.

According to Mlundira, the Project Deep Clean’s main objective is to achieve clean, health and sustainable environment.

” We are conducting research using deep learning artificial intelligence so as to combat some of the challenges faced in the environment. These issues also affect our health, so we are taking a stand to improve the  quality of life by making the management of waste much easier and these solutions can be applied at industrial level and consumer applications”, said Mlundira.

He added that solutions which have been developed by project Deep Clean include an automatic waste clarification app which  classfies different kinds of wastes in real time using cameras.

” We included a deep learning virtual assistance called Eliza so that people can interact with it at a deep human level and help spread environmental awareness messages and education using voice interactions, text, social media and phone calls”, added Mlundira.

The project deep clean uses deep learning artificial intelligence techniques to learn from data  and solve challenges. It is a type of artificial intelligence which mimics the functionality of neutrons in the human brain using neural networks to perform intelligent behavior in machines.The system is able to classify  different kinds of waste such as bio-degradable and non-degradable using cameras.

Mlundira further explained that When using the project deep clean, the user just need to take a picture of waste and the system do the rest work that include classifying and advising on how to manage the waste.

” We have also included an artificial virtual assistant called Eliza who you can talk to and communicate with like a real human. Eliza will help spread environmental awareness, educate people on environmental issues and answer questions concerning environment. She will also be available on social media platforms and phone calls.  These solutions will be accessed on phones, laptops and currently being implemented on different machines and devices”, explained Mlundira.

Malawi University of Business and Applied ( MUBAS), Blessings Mlundira and Towera Grace Banda

On his part, the Dean of Faculty in the  faculty of Applied Science Dr. Mphatso Kamndaya congratulated the two for coming up with an innovative idea which will help combating environmental challenges hence reducing climatic challenges.

” You have made us proud. This is what we are expecting from so called educated people. This is an exciting journey to take, project deep clean will help us achieve a clean, healthy and sustainable environment for our generation and the generation to come. This should not just end here, keep innovating and solve more and more challenges”, said Kamndaya.

Mlundira is a final year student studying Bachelor’s Degree in information technology while is friend Towera Grace Banda is also finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and Technology.
The two have called on government, organizations and other well wishers for support either expertise, professional, and financial forms of assistance so as to help scale up the project.