Musician Namadingo awarded Doctorate degree from University of South Africa

By Wadza Botomani

Malawis talented musician Patience Namadingo has been awarded a doctorate degree by the University of South Africa. Dr Namadingo has been given the honour in respect of his great works towarda humanitarian works

Making the announcement on his official Facebook page, Namadingo said “It is with great joy and honour that today, the 14th of November 2020,a mile stone in the incredible and praise worthy journey of one PatienceNamadingo– a true son of the land”

The University of South Africa (UNISA) which is an institution of high repute in the world has recognised Namadingo honoured him with a Doctorate Degree for his humanitarian efforts in Malawi, for the people of Malawi. Namadingo has been known for high profile works that includes fundraising for Cancer treatments for one of Malawian musician, helping celebrated veteran musician Giddes Chalamanda and many other notable works

UNISA has highlighted Patience Namadingo’s positive social impact and philanthropic work that has inspired others across Africa, and hopefully beyond.

Namadingo received his honorary Doctorate Degree during UNISA’s graduation ceremony at its Main Campus in pretoria in the ZK Mathews Great Hall. Nine Doctor graduated today from four different African countries, the youngest of them all being the Malawian Patience Namadingo.