Muvi wa Chilungamo says Malawi  democracy needs to be upheld as it condemns police violence

By Vincent Gunde

Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) says Malawians need democracy to remain in their country and any signs of dictatorship must be condemned and abandoned in strongest terms possible.

MRP says Malawians across the country must not condone or submit their allegiance in violence saying Malawi Congress Party (MCP) must be held accountable and responsible for the attacks on innocent citizens belonging to another party that planned their Blue Convoy Parade in Lilongwe under the confines of the law.

The party has cautioned the MCP and its entire leadership to stop the violence henceforth before the country plunges into tragedy of mass killings and indiscriminate attacks on members of both the opposition parties and government.


In a statement released with the title “Malawi on the pathway towards ethnicity and civil strife under MCP,” the MRP has condemned and abhor the barbaric actions of a political party that happens to be in the government-MCP.

The MRP says the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has planted seeds of disunity in the main opposition party with the archaic intention of perpetrating violence and blame the factionalism in the official opposition party.

The Party says democratic atmosphere in Malawi is slowly dying having learnt with shock and disappointment to see and hearing the violent attacks and destruction of vehicles in Lilongwe instead of democracy maturing 30 years later after multipartism and democracy.

The MRP has called upon President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to call his party to order or risk this country enter into turmoil observing that the fact that the previous government-DPP was brutal and violent does not give the MCP liberty to do likewise,” two wrongs do not make one right.”

The party says it is high time Malawi practiced mature politics with perhaps clear and honest translation saying politics is not Kung Fu or martial arts, it is a practice of the minds not brutal attacks as evidenced with MCP politics.

It says the Malawi Police Service (MPS) needs “Radical Reform” to take non-partisan charge so as to ease the tension which is a time bomb for ethnicity and civil war lamenting that Malawi as from 2012 is an injured nation.

“Succeeding government are supposed to come with a new project of healing not provocation and anarchy, Malawians need peace, democracy and the rule of law as well as an impartial police service,” reads part of the statement.