Citizen for Transformation (CFT) condemns political violence in Malawi

By Chisomo Phiri

Citizens for Transformation (CFT) has strongly condemned the political violences that have been happening in the country.

In its statement, CFT is mentioning the violences like the stoning of a standing government official  Minister of Local Government at a political event in Zomba,disruption during recent Presidential visit that took a violent turn in Blantyre and the recent violent hacking with pangas of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters celebrating their Blue Day in Lilongwe.

According to CFT, these obnoxious incidents must not be treated as isolated and insignificant events perpetrated by some rogue disgruntled individuals but rather a serious state security threat as well as a threat to Malawi’s hard-won multiparty democracy.


Reads the statement in part :”CFT wishes to remind the sponsors and patrons of political violence and hate speech in Malawi, that they neither have any political future nor space in the modern era of political plurality in which progressive forces engage each other in ideological and developmental endeavours. 

“We, the CFT would like to reiterate, that when Malawians opted to return to multiparty democracy in the referendum of 1993, it was an act of collective affirmation for political tolerance, and ideological differences as well as embracing a full spectrum of political and human rights as enshrined in our national constitution.

“To this end, CFT will not sit idle and watch our beloved country degenerate into a ‘Failed-State’ due to the actions of rogue politicians and citizens.
We would like to remind our fellow Malawians, that the responsibility of respecting the constitution of Malawi which provides political freedoms and human rights to government officials, politicians, political parties, their supporters, and all law-abiding citizens in Malawi.”

CFT has however, called on the Ministry of Homeland security to instil peace, law, and order by speedily bringing to justice all perpetrators of political violence and hate speech as Malawi is approaching  towards the 2025 tripartite elections.

“The CFT is calling for Zero tolerance on any form political violence and intimidation.

“We, the CFT will therefore, remain true to our core values of freedom and equality for all; trust for all; economic empowerment for all; national solidarity for all sacrifice and patriotism for all Malawians. We, the CFT will not rest until all these objectives have been met for All,”concludes the statement.