Muvi wa Chilungamo says Malawi needs Constitution that protects no one

By Vincent Gunde

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, says Malawi needs a constitution that favors or protect no one calling for deletion or erasing of Section 91 subsection 1 and 2 where the President and Vice President must be liable for prosecution when caught on the wrong side of the law.

Jumah has observed that Malawi for the past 60 years has been run and governed under false interpretation of “politics” that implies violence, violation of laws, nepotism, regionalism, tribalism, corruption and assassinations.

He said “constitutionality and rule on trust” have lost meaning in Malawi, the 1994 constitution has been tampered with, disrespected and undermined observing that Sections 64, 65 and other related sections that could if observed or followed develop the country, have been deflated.

Bantu Saunders Jumah

Writing in a statement, Jumah said for 30 years of democracy and the rule of law, Malawi has democracy where positions and offices have no power but individuals saying the country’s democracy works only to few but not all the people.

Jumah said the democracy of Malawi allows only powerful office bearers destroying the country without being reprimanded saying if the Republican constitution was validated and energized, all powers could remain in the hands of the laws not individuals.

He said the Constitutional Court lacked direction in putting the nation on ground zero looking at how it dealt with the disputed elections of May, 2019 on 3rd February, 2020 saying instead of embarking on the path of re-constitutionalizing the laws of Malawi, it made unconstitutional decisions.

The MRP President said the Con-Court declared Malawi as being the nation that goes to the polls on 50+1 pattern or model, yet for the past 26 years, the constitution commanded the system of First Past The Post (FPTP).

He said the Con-Court declared the 2019 elections as half baked and half cooked by illegitimating presidential votes while authenticating parliamentary votes creating a constitutional crisis by separating the votes that made the Tonse Alliance government to continue tampering and violating the Republican Constitution.

“Con-Court must come clean as to where and how it imposed 50+1, come clean if 2020 elections were fresh or repeated, and clarifying if May, 2019 elections are not constitutional to allow Tonse Alliance government shift elections calendar of 5 years to 6 years only for 2025 elections,” reads part of Jumah’s statement.

He said the Revolution under MRP is also demanding the Con-Court to inform the country if it was constitutional for the interested parties to change the country’s laws by shifting electoral calendar to 16th September, 2025 instead of 21st May, 2024.

Jumah has also demanded the Executive arm and Legislative arm to explain to Malawians if they did not commit a crime by extending their mandate unilaterally without seeking consensus of the citizens warning the authorities in Malawi that without clarifying these matters, the country has no democracy.