Ben Longwe applauds MCP, says party now forgiving and democratic

By Vincent Gunde

A human rights activist based in the Republic of South Africa Charles Ben Longwe, has thanked the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for proving to the world that it has changed from the party of death and darkness to a party of forgiving people.

Longwe said many Malawians associate the MCP with bad things looking back to the way the party was but today, MCP is continuing to surprise Malawians with its spirit of forgiveness saying this is a thing which is lacking in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

He has encouraged President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to continue the life of forgiving people particularly his critics and those against his government observing that forgiving is Christianity and spiritual.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Ben Longwe has praised Commandant Redson Munlo for making his intelligent decision of joining the MCP claiming that there is no any other party Munlo could have join apart from the MCP.

Mkaka ,MCP Secretary General

Longwe has encouraged Malawians that if there are parties one can join is either the UDF or MCP claiming that other parties are rotten, appealing to all those who have been expelled and suspended from the DPP to join UDF and MCP, they will be warmly welcomed.

He has also thanked MCP Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka for announcing in public that he has forgiven Redson Munlo for the case he has with him in court praising him that Malawi needs leaders who can forgive others.

The activist said MCP is now a changed party, from the party of death and darkness to forgiveness saying President Chakwera forgave Linda Kunje, Mussa John, Uladi Mussa, Henry Mussa and those who stoned his motorcade in Blantyre asking God to bless Chakwera .

He said President Chakwera has done the best more than ever observing that forgiving people like Munlo who have been insulting and castigating him is not easy but he has proved that forgiveness is possible in the MCP.

“Munlo had the choice to join UDF but has chosen to join the MCP to give it new ideas of doing better than before,” said Longwe.

He observed that had it been that the DPP had the spirit of forgiving people, Ken Msonda would have been the first to be forgiven saying he apologized before Professor Mutharika beamed on Televisions but in the end, he was expelled from the party.

Longwe said the DDP has failed to forgive its members 70 times as commanded by the Holy Bible advising President Chakwera and his MCP to be welcoming into the party prodigal sons and daughters from the DPP.