New Movie ‘Fatsani’ to launch next year

By Moses Nyirenda

Lilongwe-based media consultancy and advertising agency, HD Plus Creations, says it has scheduled to launch its movie titled ‘Fatsani’ on April 30, 2021 after failing to do so in September, this year (2020).

The storyline of the movie focuses on a girl who was being forced to sell merchandise after her school was closed on issues of corruption.

In the process, the girl faces different forms of abuse from people who are supposed to protect her. Later, she speaks out about the abuses to the public and becomes a hero.

Hastings Golosi

Speaking to journalists in Lilongwe on Friday, HD Plus Creations Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Gift Sukali popularly known as Sukez, said his company failed to launch the movie in September because of COVID-19 and other challenges.

“This year, so many things have happened, especially COVID-19 pandemic which has hindered a lot of things in terms of production as well as limiting gatherings.

“Another thing is that we had elections in the country, we had to shift the dates to give space for the election.

“In addition, we had financial hiccups to finalise everything concerning the launch of the movie. So, we decided to shift it to next year to cater for all our plans which we have for the launch,” Sukez explained.

He added that currently, his company is working to finalise everything regarding the launch of the movie.

“The film is coming out on April 30, 2021 and will be premiered in Lilongwe at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC).

“We are working tirelessly to finalise everything about the launch of the movie and people should expect to patronise a red-carpet event which will bring first cinema experience in Malawi.

“Additionally, we are looking at international guests to be part of the event,” he said.

In his comment, HD Plus Creations Creative Director who is also the producer of the movie, Hastings Golosi, said people should get set for the launch of the movie.

According to Golosi, the movie has topics which are based on true events and seeks to bring change in the country.

“The movie covers various topics based on true events which include child labour, gender based violence (GBV), corruption and, girls and women empowerment, hence my call for all Malawians to be part of the launch to watch the movie,” said Golosi.

He said the movie seeks to bring change in the country.