Nkhatabay is for Chakwera –Ken Zikhale Ng’oma drums up support for Tonse alliance

By Chalo Mvula

The firebrand Director of strategic operations in Malawi Congress Party Dr Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma  has declared that Nkhatabay will give its vote to Dr Lazarus Chakwera.  Dr Zikhale who is also a member of parliament for Nkhatabay south was speaking in Chintheche where he addressed a large crowd that came to listen this great son of the district.

Zikhale who was accompanied by other officials from the Tonse alliance told people that MCP has come together with other parties that includes UTM, PP, AFORD and others to try to unify Malawi. He told the people that the combination of Dr Chakwera and Dr Chilima is the best that he has seen and believes it is the will of God for the two leaders to come together as both of them are serious about making Malawi better.

Zikhale on a campaign trail in Nkhatabay

Zikhale reminded the people of the role Nkhatabay has played in MCP that includes having Orton Chirwa as one of the first leaders of the party “We the people of Nkhatabay have always been for MCP starting from  our forefathers  in Manoah Chirwa, Orton Chirwa  and many others. This is the reason why MCP is our home “ said Zikhale

Zikhale then urged the people to go and vote in large numbers and to make sure they vote for Dr Chakwera “ I have known Dr Chakwera for a long time , he is a good man who is very focused on making sure that Malawi develops. Malawians are tired of corrupt leaders and lack of improvement in the standard of living. The people of Nkhatabay are tired of lack of infrastructure development in the district. This is why everyone here will vote for Dr Chakwera” added Zikhale

Zikhale who was warmly welcomed by the people then shifted to the core message of the Tonse alliance that promises on building anew Malawi for everyone.