Mutharika will lose the polls- Mtambo promises better Malawi under Chakwera-Chilima

By Fletcher Simwaka

The Commander-in-Chief of the newly formed and vibrant political movement, the Citizens for Transformation (CFT)- People Power Movement, Timothy Mtambo, has described President Professor Peter Mutharika’s government as “an irredeemably hopeless administration set to lose the next elections” and called upon Malawians to rally behind the “capable and visionary leadership” of the Tonse Alliance torch bearers, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and his running mate, Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima ahead of the fresh presidential polls slated for 23rd June.

Speaking on Saturday night during the popular TTV Exclusive Interview hosted by Brian Banda, Mtambo said the Mutharika-led Democratic Progress Party (DPP) government has proved to be so hopeless and clueless that the only solution is to replace it with fresh leaders.

“Mutharika does not respect the international community, Mutharika does not respect Malawians, Mutharika does not respect the courts, Mutharika does not respect parliament. Then what’s democracy after all. Then we have a living dictator, whom everyone is watching.

“No amount of effort can help Mutharika and his DPP government change, not even prayers. That is why we are saying the only way to save this country from further degeneration is replacing it with Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima,” says Mtambo.

The CFT Commander-in-Chief has since described Dr. Chakwera as a visionary leader who, through his Super Hi-5 trumpcard, will turn around the country’s state of affairs within three years.

Mtambo also hailed Dr. Chakwera’s partner, Dr.Saulos Chilima, as a result-oriented leader whom Malawians can trust, given his track record during his tenure as a champion of the Public Service Reform Program.

Mtambo was, however, quick to point out that his endorsement of the Tonse Alliance ahead of the court sanctioned polls does not mean he is desperate for any senior position in the “in-coming government”.

He said his backing of Chakwera is just part of the CFT’s short-term objective which is to ensure that the DPP government is unseated through a free, fair and credible electoral process.

“I can assure you that if Chakwera and Chilima start messing up things, CFT will be quick to side with Malawians in pointing out the ills of the government. Even if it’s me making any mistake, I will not be exempted because CFT is a movement for all Malawians fighting for a truly democratic Malawi,” he said.

Meanwhile, scores of Malawians took to social media to hail Mtambo for his sound understanding and articulation of issues during the interview.

One social media user, Pater Makina, described Mtambo as a liberation heroe worth his salt.

“We don’t need more proof that CFT Commander in Chief Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo is one of God’s chosen personalities to liberate Malawi. If you followed his interview on Times TV, you won’t doubt that Malawi is about to be fully rescued,” he said.

Another prominent Malawian, Charles Ulaya, described Mtambo as a patriot. “He has made me proud to be a Malawian. Those that missed his interview, please try your best to watch it”.