Why should tax payers and citizens foot MEC legal costs bill?

By Zakale Botomani

Our beloved country Malawi is bleeding. Corruption is rampant in every sector. People are unable to access basic health care in our hospitals as they are underfunded. Constitutional reforms are in a drawer somewhere gathering dust. It is extremely sad to note that post our one party era our Presidents have been extremely greedy. Greedy beyond measure. They ascended to the presidency with less than 40% of the votes in order to plunder the country’s resources along with their cronies. Unfortunately as Malawians we have somehow been complicit and stood by watching these illegalities and clapped and cheered as these institutions and systems are being raped.

I would herein like to quote what Political Analyst Mr. Makhumbo Munthali quoted in the Weekend Nation on May 16th 2020.

“The level of impunity MEC demonstrated is partly due to the fact that they are not personally liable for the cost of the case. It’s high time we had a sober debate over the matter”

If Malawi was a developed country and guided by leaders of integrity, the MEC Chairperson, Commissioners and CEO would not have been allowed to go the route they have taken. If they did, they would all end up in prison for abuse of office and misuse of public resources and tax payer’s monies. 

Ansah – resigned from the commission

It’s now time as Malawians to stand up and correct the situation. As tax payers why should we be footing these exorbitant legal costs incurred by the Malawi Electoral Commission which was brought about by the incompetence of the Chairperson, Commissioners and the CEO. If we do not take any action by bringing these perpetrators of these gross violation to justice we are creating a precedent in the matter and denial of the tax payer and law abiding citizens the right to justice and redress. I am optimistic that some concerned citizen will take action.