Nyasa Big Bullets Dominate Chitipa United in a 3-0 Victory at Karonga Stadium

By Twink Jones Gadama

In a highly anticipated match between Chitipa United and Nyasa Big Bullets in the third week of the TNM Super League, Nyasa Big Bullets emerged victorious with a commanding 3-0 win at Karonga Stadium.

The game kicked off with Chitipa United starting on a high note, applying pressure and making several attempts on goal.

However, the Nyasa Big Bullets’ goalkeeper remained alert, thwarting all of Chitipa’s early efforts.

Innocent Nyasulu, the goalkeeper for NBB, showcased his skills by denying Chitipa United multiple scoring opportunities within a mere 10-minute span.

Despite Chitipa’s persistent pressure, NBB managed to maintain their composure.

In the 12th minute, NBB had a corner but failed to convert it into a goal.

The resilient defense of Chitipa United kept the scoreline level until the 24th minute when Patrick Mwaungulu of Nyasa Big Bullets broke the deadlock with a well-placed shot.

The tempo of the game intensified when Babatunde Adepocho scored for Nyasa Big Bullets in the 23rd minute, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Gomezgan Chirwa proved to be a standout player for NBB, effectively blocking all of Chitipa United’s attempts on goal.

Chitipa United’s Ramadan Ntafu displayed impressive dribbling skills, while Babatunde Adepocho missed a clear scoring opportunity, sending the ball over the crossbar. As tensions rose on the field, the assistant coach for Chitipa United was shown a yellow card for foul language.

In the second half, Nyasa Big Bullets continued their dominance, with Ephraim Kondowe scoring in the 34th minute after receiving a long ball from Lyoid Aaron, extending their lead to 2-0.

The demoralized Chitipa United side conceded once again in the 37th minute when Patrick Mwaungulu found the back of the net, sealing the victory for NBB.

As Nyasa Big Bullets mounted intense pressure on their opponents, Chitipa United made three substitutions in an attempt to bolster their attacking prowess and defense.

NBB also made triple substitutions to solidify their lead and defend against any potential comeback from Chitipa United.

In a post-match interview, Nyasa Big Bullets’ coach Calisto Pasuwa expressed his concerns about the poor pitch conditions, emphasizing the need for better football facilities in Malawi.

He also praised his players for their tactical awareness and ability to capitalize on opportunities during the game.

Heston Munthali, assistant coach for Nyasa Big Bullets, commended his team for dominating in Chitipa United’s territory despite the challenging ground conditions.

On the other hand, Elvis Kafoteka, assistant coach for Chitipa United, acknowledged his team’s shortcomings in the second half and vowed to address them moving forward.

Collen Mujuru was voted as the man of the match for his outstanding performance during the game.

With this victory, Nyasa Big Bullets continue their impressive form in the TNM Super League, while Chitipa United will look to regroup and bounce back stronger in their upcoming fixtures.