Social media links Ben Longwe to joining MCP

By Vincent Gunde

Social media reports are indicating that a human rights activist based in South Africa who has been a critic of the MCP led Tonse Alliance government since 2020 when President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera was voted into government is coming to Malawi to join the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Ben Longwe has now been proved to be a darling of the MCP, his audios have turned against the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) the party he has been advising on what best to do and news of his coming to Malawi to join the MCP, is not a surprise.

Charles Ben Longwe

He has been praising President Chakwera for his policies claiming that his government is now moving well because of good policies praying to the Almighty God to continue bless him to walk the talk to reach the promised land of Canaan.

Speaking through an audio clip from South Africa circulating in various social media platforms, Ben Longwe, faulted some people wrong for fabricating lies that he is coming to Malawi to join the MCP following Commandant Redson Munlo who was welcomed into the MCP during a rally held in Mwanza by President Chakwera.

Longwe said he can not join the MCP but he is MCP himself appealing to those who wants to prove him wrong to contact the Malefula family in Zomba and they will be told that Ben Longwe is MCP and cannot join any other party apart from the MCP.

He said he turned against his party-MCP from 2020 for practicing bad policies but since President Chakwera is now implementing good policies for the development of the country, he has joined him in his quest to build a new Malawi.

The activist has thanked President Chakwera for not signing Political Party bill of funding parties” observing that the Bill was passed in Parliament by all members but President Chakwera thought it wise of not signing it into law saying this is what a good leader must do putting Malawi, first.

Longwe said had President Chakwera started not signing other Bills which seems to be infringing rights of the citizens into law soon after being sworn in as President of the country, Chakwera would not have enemies as seen today.

He has appealed to President Chakwera to continue not signing useless bills when they come to his table for Malawi to remain in peace, the country is lacking good policies, saying if they don’t have money to run their parties, they should disband the parties and not waiting for Parliament to give them money.

“Malawi is sailing through a sea of economic challenges, people have no money in their pockets and Parliament funding political parties, that’s nonsense,” said Longwe.

On a sad note, Longwe has expressed his grave concern over MPs who speaks during President Chakwera’s rallies that they don’t of speak of hunger which is biting hard their people but speaking more of their parties reminding them that people attending their rallies have no food and will not eat politics of their parties.