Two Mozambican border police officers suspended for assaulting Malawian truck driver

By Chisomo Phiri

The Mozambique government has suspended two border police officers suspected to have assaulted a Malawian truck driver, Elaston Ngonyani last month.

Mozambican officials disclosed this during a Joint Technical Committee of Officials Meeting on the Malawi-Mozambique Border Reaffirmation Exercise and Emerging Issues in Mangochi on Monday.

Elaston Konyani being assaulted by Police officers

The Mozambican delegation told the meeting that they condemned the actions of the Police officers at Zobue, adding that the concerned officers have been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation that has been instituted by the Mozambican authorities.

According to minutes of the meeting which 247 Malawi News has seen, the Malawi delegation informed the Mozambican delegates that due to the incapacity suffered by Ngonyani, there should be consideration of payment of damages to him.

The two delegations agreed that the investigation report will be shared with Malawi once concluded.

Meanwhile, Malawi Consulate in Mozambique’s Tete Province Happy Saka has welcomed the suspension of the two police officers

“As Malawi Consulate we are very happy that Mozambique government has actually accepted and managed to condemn the behaviour of the police officers,” said.

He added that the Mozambique government has made a commitment to ensure that the investigations are conducted without interference.