Sports council to construct complex in Mzuzu

Malawi National Council of Sports says it is working towards the construction of a sports complex in the city of Mzuzu where the youth could develop their different talents in sports.

Reports also indicate that Kamuzu Institute for Sports in Lilongwe will be renovated for the same cause.

Analysts have over time expressed their worry over the sorry state of Kamuzu Institute for Sports, Lilongwe Community Centre Ground, BAT Ground and Chilomoni Stadium in Blantyre, arguing that these places have a very rich history in Malawi sports.

site of the construction

The issue of a sports complex in Mzuzu and renovation of Kamuzu Institute of Sports is coming at a time when Minister of Youth and Sports, Ulemu Msungama, has said he prefers rebuilding or renovating Kamuzu Stadium to erecting a new stadium altogether at Njamba in Blantyre.

“It is only my wish as an individual. Rebuilding Kamuzu Stadium will be one way of beautifying the city of Blantyre. There is enough land there to accommodate different sporting disciplines.

“If you look at Njamba, the place is partially owned by other people who may have their own plans as well. Tonse Alliance is a listening government and we will continue to consult and receiving views until we arrive at the correct decision regarding a new national stadium in Blantyre,” Msungama explained on Radio Islam.

Acting General Secretary for the Malawi National Council of Sports, Henry Meleka, says the council is engaging Mzuzu City Council to identify land where the sports complex can be erected.

“We have been thinking of doing something in terms of sports in Mzuzu. That’s why we are now engaging those concerned with land in Mzuzu to give us some land for construction of a sports complex.

“We are also engaging the city council so that we can work together in order to have a place where the youth can gather to develop their different talents in sports,” Meleka explained on Timveni Radio.