Take a leading role in instilling a culture of discipline, self respect in your children-Ministry

By Staff Reporter

The Ministry  of Education has appealed to parents, traditional and community leadership to take a leading role in instilling a culture of discipline, self respect and respect for others as well as a sense of responsibility in their children to ensure that educational activities are not disrupted in the country.

The Secretary for Education, Dr. Mangani Chilala Katundu  delivered this message on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Ntcheu, during stakeholder  engagement sessions with school management, parents, traditional and community leadership,  following the vandalism and closure of Nachitheme and Khola Secondary Schools.

With Ntcheu DC, Senior Chief Inkosi Makwangwala and Ntcheu Education Authorities at Ntcheu District Council

Dr. Katundu said  many students lack the appropriate guidance and discipline from their parents.

He stated that the ministry will work with civil society organizations such as Sub-saharan Family Enrichment (SAFE),  the police, human rights institutions,  National Youth Council, cummununity and traditional leadership and other stakeholders, to formulate  and implement strategies aimed at fostering  discipline in schools and safeguarding shool property.

Inkosi Makwangwala  and Inkosi Ganya emphatically condemned the vandalism at  Nachitheme and Khola secondary schools in the district.

The two bemoaned the destruction of teaching an learning materials and facilities at the institutions.

“We undertake  to engange our subjects to put in place community-based interventions to bring sanity among the students and surrounding communities to avert recurrence of these malpractices. We will also support law enforcers in bringing perpetreters to book,”said Inkosi Makwangwala.

Meanwhile, two community members from Inkosi Ganya’s area were convicted by the courts for their involvement in the vandalism and are currently serving  prison sentences.

In his remarks, Ntcheu District Commissioner, George Ngaiyaye said that his office will liaise with all stakeholders to promote discipline in all the schools in the district.

Property worth 43 Million Kwacha  at Nachitheme Secondary School and 13 Million Kwacha at Khola Community Day Secondary School, was destroyed during the riots by students and community members in November last year,  which forced the Ministry to temporarily suspend learning in these schools.

Following the engagements, the Ministry is considering measures and modalities to facilitate the reopening of the two schools and resumption  of teaching and learning activities.