“The Success lifestyle” New book from UK based Waxye Mphwanthe hits the shops

By Durell Namasani

The success lifestyle, a new book written by UK based Malawian Waxye Wakisa Mphwathe is out and currently receiving great reviews. This is the first book from the budding writer who has wasted no time but showcase his writing prowess while delivering useful success tips to individuals who want to make their life a success.

Writing using the name Waxye Nation, the book has taken him over a year of writing. If there is a thing that testifies that success is not easy, the book represents that,t as it has taken a lot of focus, resilience and dedication for him to finish writing it. He has self-published it and its presence on the market is an accomplishment for the writer.

“The success lifestyle” New book by Waxye Nation

According to Peterborough based Mphwathe “The Success Lifestyle is not a ‘how to get rich’ book, but rather a how-to ‘become’ rich book. Finding abundance not only in the material things the world has to offer, but also in the spiritual, emotional, and mental benefits of our world that most people do not pay attention to”

He says his book is a useful tool for anyone who wishes to achieve and become more – in the areas of their self-defined goals. It integrates radical approaches of developing oneself and its select and simplified methods focus on the abilities that every person equally possesses yet benefits differently. It highlights the incredible creation of when ‘positive thinking’ meets ‘positive action’.

Wakisa “Waxye Nation” Mphwanthe

The book is currently selling like hotcakes on Amazon and there has been growing interest from world over.  “The book crosses borders as success is not restricted to a country, so far copies are available on Amazon”.  For Malawians eager to grab a copy Mphwathe announced that he has reached a deal Central bookshop and Claim Bookshop in Malawi “My books are now available in Blantyre and Lilongwe in  those bookshops, so Malawians have an opportunity to get a copy  easily”

Mphwathe vowed that he is into writing for the longhaul as he is already working on his next book