Things fall apart in Malawi First as Bon Kalindo and Ben Longwe fights

By Linda Kwanjana

In his latest audio Malawi First leader Bon Kalindo has trashed his vice Charles Ben Longwe describing him as a coward and confusionist.

This follows another audio which Longwe released expelling Kalindo as Malawi First President.

Kalindo says there is no problem talking to MCP leaders “I see no problem meeting Malawi Congress Party Director of Youth Richard Chimwendo Banda. My audios are clear. I did not meet MCP Secretary General Mkaka.”

Kalindo has since asked Ben to explain why he is twisting issues: “Ben, why are you fond of twisting my messages to accommodate your fellow fools?”

Kalindo further degrades Longwe to a villain saying he is not a hero.

“If you were a hero you would have been here in Malawi not South Africa. You even lie to people that you fundraise for demonstrations. You are very poor,” said Kalindo.


Kalindo continues: “I know you Ben deep skin. You stay at a particular animal farm in South Africa. You are a professional beggar there so too back home. You do not even have a Hunter bicycle. You always telephone people to beg. I am tired of your audios. Now, I have resolved to be responding to you. I do not care if people will label me as a savage like you.”

Kalindo sums up his preaching, “Ben, you are very stupid.”

This fight has justified what people have always been saying that these demonstrations are organized out of greedy.

Malawians have now seen that both Kalindo and Longwe have no welfare of people at heart but only money.