TNM to recruit young entrepreneurs for ‘Mudzi Wathu’

By Staff Reporter

Pioneer mobile network services provider TNM Plc has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCoM) to recruit young Malawians as sales agents of mobile products and services in the community.

Coming on the back of the recent launch of TNM Mudzi Wathu initiative, the pact will facilitate formation of youth-owned and managed enterprises plying TNM products and services, among them Mpamba.

NYCoM Executive Director Dingiswayo Jere touted the agreement as a solution towards government’s efforts to create scarce jobs for the youth.

Malawi’s unemployment rate of over five percent is considered one of the highest in Africa where job creation has stalled due to effects of Covid-19 pandemic. The virus has snowballed job losses leading to loss of incomes and with it drastic cuts in consumer spending patterns as economies take the hit.

“We at the Youth Council are very happy because this partnership is going to create thousands of jobs as youth unemployment has reached epic proportions in this country,” said Jere.

He said the agreement has come at the right time when TNM has launched the Mudzi Wathu initiative which will create a medium to transform young people’s mindset to embrace mobile network technology as the catalyst for economic growth in communities.

TNM CEO Arnold Mbwana said under the partnership TNM will support NYCoM in the running of youth economic empowerment programs across the country through the Youth Innovation Fund.

Mbwana said it will further help increase access by the youth to affordable and youth friendly financial and digital services through TNM Mpamba and other products.

“The partnership will facilitate creation of TNM Mpamba branches by youth organisations and clubs under the National Youth Council of Malawi. Therefore, this will see the establishment of TNM Mpamba branches and kiosks the country to enhance financial inclusion,” he said.

The MoU is for a period of five years and subject of review after every two years. During the period, outstanding young people in various communities will be recognized for their contribution in local development.