Zikhale delivers a public lecture of Youth Empowerment

By John Majonanga

Students have been advised to embrace professionalism if they are to be reputable leaders of the country in the near future.

The Homeland Minister, Dr Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma, made the call yesterday at Domino in Zomba during the Mighty UNIMA MCP Wing Public Lecture themed “Empowering the Youth: The Transformative Benefits of Youth Involvement in Politics.”

Ng’oma underscored the need for creativity among the students, which is very vital in providing solutions to some of the problems this country is facing.
“I am so impressed with the heart these youths have for governance and politics; they need this kind of preparation ushered to them while they are not fully involved in politics.”

Minister Ng’oma posing with Mwalwanda and MCP Youth Director for the East Ramsy Khan

“This wing has also asked for an audience with the president “servant leader” Dr Lazarus Chakwera, and I told them that before meeting him, they should have viable plans to discuss with him that, when implemented, can transform their lives, academics, and this country as a whole, rather than just meeting the president with applause messages,” explained Ng’oma.

Commenting on the same, the University of Malawi student council president, Thanks Eliah Mwalwanda, said the lecture was of paramount importance to the students as they had acquired soft leadership skills enriched with knowledge and tactics that can help us navigate the harsh realities.

Mwalwanda also advised his fellow students to embrace the advice of the minister, saying discipline, focus, and confidence are good traits one must embrace on the road to success to positively contribute towards the development of the country.
“When we talk about Vision 2063, we are talking about the active involvement of youths and their participation in politics and leadership positions; hence, there is a need to learn from those who are flourishing in politics,” said Mwalwanda