Zikhale welcomes Mganda Chiume and Ralph Mhone

By Linda Kwanjana

Director of strategic planning in the Malawi Congress Party ( MCP) Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma has officially welcomed Ralph Mhone and Ephraim Mganda chiume into the party.

Mganda Chiume and Ralph Mhone defected from Democratic Progressive Party  ( DPP) and Peoples Party ( PP) respectively.

The duo have been welcomed at a rally which Zikhale Ng’oma organised at Chilundu ground in Nkhata-Bay district.

Zikhale in Nkhatabay

Speaking at a rally, Zikhale Ng’oma  said that many people are joining the party because they want to work with president Dr Lazarus Chakwera in developing the country.

Zikhale added that Chakwera has put in place various developmental projects in Nkhata-Bay district and across the country in order to improve people’s lives.

“We the Tonga people we have joined hands,so that Chakwera can win in the coming general elections.

We are very serious working on the ground and we are targeting to take all seats for members of parliament in the district,” He explained.

Meanwhile, Mganda Chiume and Ralph Mhone have vowed to support Chakwera and strengthen the party in Nkhata-Bay district and northern region as a whole.

Chiume and Mhone have joined MCP together with their district leaders in the northern region.

former DPP director of women in the central  region  Mariam Chimbalanga has also been welcomed at the function.