Aford bounce back as Chihana holds mega rally

By Staff Reporter

Alliance for Democracy president Enock Chihana on Sunday held a mega rally as part of the celebration that the party has clocked 30 years. Speaking to the huge gathering Chihana says the country needs to change the way parliament conducts its business arguing the current is not helping the country to effectively implement a national budget that addresses the needs of the country.

Among some key issues that he addressed, Chihana is also proposing that the country should adopt a federal system of government if the country is to move out of the abject poverty that most people are in.

The Mega rally took place at Chilimampunga ground in Mtandire area in Lilongwe city where the party is celebrating 30 years of existence as a registered political party in Malawi.

DPP senior member Ken Msonda, activist Bon Kalindo and other senior AFORD members are attending the rally.