Agriculture Minister Kawale launches K11.7 billion irrigation scheme construction in Rumphi

by Manasse Nyirenda

Minister of Agriculture Sam Kawale has launched an K11.7 billion Chipofya Irrigation Scheme at Bolero in Rumphi, which is expected to benefit at least 4,559 people around the area.

Speaking during the launch on Tuesday, Kawale urged communities targeted with the scheme to produce enough for themselves and the country at large.

Kawale cutting the ribbon

He said the project, the biggest under Programme for Rural Irrigation Development (PRIDE) irrigation schemes, is in line with Malawi 2063, which focuses on prospering together and living no one behind, including the rural communities.

In an interview, Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe said the project will help improve food security in the area, as people will be able to grow various crops throughout the year.

“There is a big challenge with rain fed agriculture because whenever the rains are poor our people experience hunger.

“However, with this scheme, people will be able to grow and harvest up to three times in a year. This means food security for our people in this area and beyond,” he said.

Chikulamayembe also warned that those caught vandalizing or stealing materials meant for the project will face the law.

Team leader for the joint venture contractors consisting of MABLO, Mount Camel and PAM, Noel Maluza, assured people in the area that they will deliver the highest quality of work.

Chairperson for water users’ association, Robert Gondwe, said the people in the area are very happy and looking forward to improving their livelihoods through the scheme once completed.

The scheme will cover 983 hectares of land and is expected to be completed in 12 months.

PRIDE Project is funded by International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Malawi Government.