Apostle Joseph Ziba holds successful Men’s Legacy Conference

By Chisomo Phiri

Malawi’s renowned man of God Apostle Joseph Ziba on Saturday September 15, 2023 successfully held a Men’s Legacy Conference in the Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre.

The conference was held at the magnificent Golden Peacock Hotel in the city.

Under the theme’ The Making of The Real Man’ the conference attracted a lot of men from different parts of Blantyre city and other surrounding districts.

This was the first men’s conference that was open to the general public.

In his attractive presentation, Business Mogul Napoleon Dzombe who was the event’s guest of honor talked more on the importance of good planning and hard work if one is do well in everything.

Apostle Ziba’s Mens legacy conference

Dzombe said many people fail to succeed in life because they do not plan well and hard work towards what they want to achieve.

“If you have do something please always plan it well and work hard for it to be done. Most things that are not well planned do not bear the good fruits and fail,”said Dzombe.

The successful business man who runs several businesses in Malawi and abroad such as Mtalimanja Holdings shared how he ventured into business and how he grew up to where he is now.

He encouraged the conference attendees to always not underrate themselves if they want to achieve big in business.

“Business requires people who have self confident. People who don look themselves down. In business, always gather courage that what you are starting, you will finish it and bring expected results,” he said .

Dzombe indicated that he started business as a salt seller rising up to a person who now owns several businesses in Malawi.

He revealed a secret that one to be successful in Malawian businesses should avoid doing one business for long.

“If you want to survive in Malawi businesses, you should not to be committed to one business.Always change from one business to another.In that way you can grow big,” he said.

On his part, Apostle Joseph Ziba who organized the conference urged men to make right decisions if they want to make it in life.

Said Ziba :”Everything starts with a decision whether good or bad. What ever you have today is a result of a decision you once made in the past. So, for you to succeed in life, please make sure that you are making a right decision. That is one step to success and a very important one.

“Decide now what you want to be. If you decide wrongly, you will also harvest bad results at the end. The important thing is Make a Decision,”

Ziba also encouraged men to have knowledge on what they do so as for them to take a right path for their success.

“Another thing for one to succeed in life is exposure. You do not go far in life if you do not know much. What you don’t know does not exist to you. You can’t expect what you don’t know. So for you to succeed make sure you aquire knowledge, expose yourself,”he said.

The Apostle read a number of verses in relation to the man’s success in life.

Pastor Joseph Ziba is the president and founder of the Fountain of Victory Outreach Ministry.

God called him into the ministry in 1996 when he was just a young man.

He is one of the rare ministers whom God has trusted with deep revelation of the word and the manifestations of the power of God.