Australian SDA Pastors in -day evangelism in Lilongwe

The Area 23 Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) through Malawi Central Conference has organised a 13-day crusade to be presided over by pastors from Australia.

SDA Malawi Central Conference President Pastor Petro Sukali, who is also the crusade coordinator, said the crusade, which will start on September 23 to October 5, aims at winning 500 souls to Jesus Christ.

SDA Malawi Central Conference President, Pastor P. Sukali

“We have invited the pastors and church elders from Australia to share with us the word of God so that when Jesus Christ is coming for the second time he should find us righteous.

“We want people to give their lives to Jesus Christ and as a starting point, we are targeting 500 people from area 23 to surrender their souls to God so that at the end of this world, they should be in the Kingdom of God,” Pastor Sukali said.

He added that the budget for the crusade is K15 million and he has urged people surrounding area 23 to come in large numbers to receive the word of God.

A resident of Area 23 Charity Gamuti commended the organisers saying the crusade will give people a chance to pray for the country.

“We are facing a lot of challenges in the country which need God’s intervention,” Gamuti said.

Mike Loya, who attended the opening of the crusade on Monday, said it has always been his desire to join SDA Church and the crusade will be his opportunity to get baptized and become an SDA member.

“I have always wanted to join the SDA church but had no idea on how I can do that, so the crusade will give me a chance to know more about the church and their teachings.

“Hopefully, by the end of this crusade, I will be baptized and start following Jesus Christ as my saviour,” he said.