Ben Longwe vows to be Chisale’s mouthpiece

By Vincent Gunde

A human rights activist based in South Africa Charles Ben Longwe, has vowed to work personally as Norman Chisale’s mouthpiece to pressurize the MCP government to release property it ceased from him for the truth to prevail.

Ben Longwe has said the Government has closed all spaces and tying Chisale’s mouth so that he should not speak to the press on matters surrounding his life claiming that he is failing to access his bank accounts and enjoy ownership of his business property and lodges.

He said the issues surrounding Chisale are pure violation of human rights and him as a rights activist will not be sitting down and watching but to press the authorities to have a second thought of at least allowing him to access part of the ceased property.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Longwe has claimed that the Government is afraid that once giving back all of Chisale’s property, he will be paid all of his money for the years the property was in the hands of the Government.

Longwe said Norman Chisale has become the number one citizen in Malawi to be killed of his freedom of press following the interview which he had on Zodiak TV where he attacked the Government for treating him not as a human being but an animal saying he shares the same pain like everyone else.

He said freedom of press is enshrined in the Republican Constitution claiming that during a television interview, Norman Chisale had to share something of public interest to Malawians on what is hurting him looking at the pace his case is taking two years without completion.

The Activist has lamented that the court ordered Chisale not to speak to the media while the same, ceased his property without verifying it for 2 years describing this as a total violation of one’s rights a development which is worrisome.

“It is very unconstitutional for the court to cease his property for 2 years, there is a clause in the Constitution not to cease somebody’s property for a 90 day period,” said Longwe.

He said Chisale’s case is one of the many cases in Malawi prompting him to report the Government of Malawi on various human rights abuses to the International Criminal Court (ICC) saying Malawians will have a say and the last date given to them is Sunday, the 25th November, 2023.

Longwe has claimed that ever since President Chakwera was ushered into Government in June, 2020, all those that are against him and his MCP are being arrested and prosecuted in a court of law describing this as democracy under siege.