Brenda Kadammanja ropes in Nic Thindwa to drop new single -traditional gospel blend ‘Kalikonse Mukaona’

By Wadza Botomani

Celebrated gospel singer Brenda Kadammanja is back on the music scene. She has released a song together with UK based urban music star Nic Thindwa entitled “Kalikonse Mukaona”. The song has been commended for its creative instincts fusing the traditional gule wamkulu beat  and cleverly delivered gospel lyrics with Thindwa injecting the urban flavour.

Brenda Kadam’manja, is not new on the music scene- a Blantyre based gospel artist but originally from Dowa, she started singing as a soul artist in 2015. She has 2 albums to her credit with first album titled “patsogolo” and second one called “Nkhondo yatha”. He unique melodious voice makes her stand out and she remains the most sought-after upcoming gospel singer.

Nic Thindwa is the veteran of urban music with several hit singles to his name. Based in Birmingham in the United Kingdom he has always pioneered the new wave of music that is capitalising on modern technology by having artists from two diffent geographical locations able to release the same songs without problems

The song Kalikonse talks about God’s blessings which are clearly visible to ordinary eyes. It also discourages people from perceiving others negatively because they are enjoying God’s blessings.

It was produced by the super talented Pon G and the music video was produced by VJ Ken and Smollet Kalua.

You can watch the music video of Kalikonse here: