HRDC gives Chakwera 30 days to solve blackouts challenges

By Staff Reporter

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has given President Lazarus Chakwera 30 days to solve blackouts challenges in the country.

The grouping through its Chairperson Gift Trapence has told President Chakwera to take the lead in finding long lasting solutions to the electricity problems.

HRDC further demands that the government should go back to Parliament to revise the Act that should bundle ESCOM, EGENCO and Power Market Limited – PML into one so as to cut costs and create a seamless entity that should be managed under one roof.

Gift Trapenze

“In simple terms, what the unbundling means is that instead of paying one single CEO, managers, employees and related operating costs, the electricity consumer now has to pay for three different operating entities. We would have no issue with this if the unbundling improved efficiency, reduced blackouts or brought the electricity prices down.

“But it has done none of these.” Reads HRDC Statement.

The Grouping has since threatened to mobilize Malawians to hold Countrywide demonstrations on October 12, 2022 if the government does not work on the demands.