Canadian envoy hails Chakwera vibrant economic policies

By Linda Kwanjana

While some Malawians are busy castigating the President here at home on economic challenges, Canadian High Commissioner to Malawi Mr. Adler Aristilde has praised Malawi President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for prudent economic policies saying they stand to achieve long term economic benefits.

Speaking soon after delivering letters of credence, the High Commissioner hailed the recent 44% currency devaluation saying it will help the country’s macroeconomic stability.

President Chakwera with Canadian envoy Adler Aristilde

“The decisions that the President made recently- very courageous decisions in-terms of fiscal and monetary policy; hopefully this will help with the microeconomic environment, capital inflows can come in and the Malawian economy can flourish and growth can come back and people of this country deserve an economy that works for them and that leads to prosperity,” said the new envoy.

The High Commissioner said the diplomatic gesture which the president is showing is a testament to Malawi’s commitment to strengthening its diplomatic ties with various countries, including Canada.

Chakwera earlier today received letters of credence from ten non-residential diplomatic envoys at Kamuzu Palace, affirming a strengthened international engagement for the nation.

Representing nations such as the Republic of Angola, Canada, the Republic of Cuba, the Republic of Cyprus, France, Hungary, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Sierra Leone, and the Republic of Uganda, the envoys emphasized their commitment to fostering stronger ties with Malawi.