Celebrating French excellence: Schools shine at regional drama festival

By Twink Jones Gadama

The annual French Drama Festival in Malawi has seen a record number of schools participating this year, with nine schools from across the country making it to the national level after impressive performances at the regional competitions.

The festival, organized by the Jacaranda Cultural Centre, aims to promote the use of the French language in the country through the medium of drama. This year, schools from the North, Centre, and South regions showcased their talent and skills in French language and drama, impressing both the audience and the judges.

In the North, Luwinga, Marymount, and Mzuzu Academy emerged as the top performers, securing the first, second, and third positions respectively. Likuni Boys and Marist claimed the top spots in the Centre region, while Stella Maris, Jacaranda, Zomba Catholic, and Providence represented the South region with their outstanding performances.

Poya Chapweteka, the coordinator of the festival, expressed his happiness and satisfaction at the increasing number of schools participating in the event. “I am absolutely thrilled to see the growth of the festival this year. The number of schools taking part has nearly doubled from the previous year, which is a positive sign for the promotion of the French language in Malawi,” said Chapweteka.

Students who took part in the festival also shared their excitement at being able to showcase their French language skills through drama. Manusha Kumara from Hilltop Academy admitted to struggling with pronunciation but remained optimistic about improving with practice. “French is a beautiful language, and I am proud to be able to use it in our drama performances. With more practice, I believe I can become better at pronouncing the words correctly,” said Kumara.

In a move that further emphasizes the importance of the French language in Malawi, the French consulate has reopened its offices in the country. This development is expected to enhance the promotion of the French language and culture among the youth and the broader population.

The success of the French Drama Festival not only highlights the talent and dedication of the participating schools but also underscores the growing interest in French language and culture in Malawi. With more schools and students getting involved in the festival each year, the future looks promising for the promotion of French in the country.

As the curtains close on another successful edition of the French Drama Festival, the participants, organizers, and supporters can all take pride in their efforts to promote linguistic diversity and cultural exchange through the medium of drama. The festival serves as a platform for young talents to shine and for the French language to prosper in Malawi.