Kalindo’s ‘prophecy’ on Chilima’s corruption case comes to pass

By Vincent Gunde

Political activist Bon Elias Kalindo on several occasions has been enlightening Malawians to open their eyes making a prophecy that Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima’s corruption case would end in penalty shoot-outs, the prophecy has now come to pass.

News that the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is dropping the corruption case Dr. Chilima is answering in court, has made many Malawians to shake their heads as if they have horns in disbelief that Kalindo talks nonsense but theirs is sense in what he talks.

Kalindo’s prophecy on Chilima’s corruption case come to pass

In his previous audio clips, Kalindo has been repeatedly informing Malawians that he has sources from Area 30 Police, Capital Hill and State House who tell him in advance of what will happen in the country today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

The move to discontinue Chilima’s corruption case was seen last week when President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera delegated Chilima to represent him at the independence celebrations of the union of Zanzibar and Tanzania to be one country, the Republic of Tanzania in Dares salaam.

Many questions without answers were raised recalling that the court ordered Dr. Chilima to surrender his travel document to be in the custody of President Chakwera and it pleased the passport keeper to give back Chilima his passport to fly to Tanzania.

In another dramatic turn of events, out of 84 corruption suspects the ACB submitted to President Chakwera in its report, it is only one, Dr. Chilima who has been going to court while 83 others, there names are being hidden to this day.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo said Malawi is a country which is being governed by crooks and mafias advising Malawians that if they are not careful, they will woke-up one day only to see that their country was sold to the highest bidders.

Kalindo has observed that ever since news came to light that the Tanzanian government was building a dock on Lake Malawi, there has been no reaction from the Government of Malawi suspecting money changed hands amongst politicians in the same way that President Paul Kagame of Rwanda gave Malawi billions of Dollars as “Thank You” for hosting refugees from his country.

He has advised those that are smiling on their faces that Chilima’s corruption case has been discontinued, not to do so now, alleging that the battle will be on Chilima’s credibility to stand in the 2025 elections as a presidential candidate.

“The MCP will do all of what it can to block Chilima not to stand in the 2025 elections besides his corruption case he is answering in court has come to an end,” said Kalindo.

He has warned Malawians that time to stand up against MCP suspicious activities in government is now, claiming that there is sugar scarcity in Malawi, Mining licenses, legalization of Chamba saying in all these, politicians of the MCP led government are the ones to benefit not citizens and the country.