CFT hits back at DPP legislator’s call for Mtambo’s Sacking

By Chalo Mvula

The Citizens for Transformation Movement (CFT) which is led by Timothy Mtambo, the minister of Civic education and national unity has come in defense of its leader after a DPP legislator called for his dismissal from the cabinet.

Speaking in Parliament, Martha Lunji, DPP Deputy Whip and Parliamentarian for Nkhotakota North East called for Mtambo to be sacked from the cabinet claiming he is of questionable character as he was involved  in mass demonstrations that saw peoples houses, businesses  and others structures destroyed during the time when he was leading the Human rights Defenders coalition (HRDC).

Speaking to 247Malawi News, CFT’s Communications and Public Relations Strategist, Negracious Justin expressed his shock at the legislator’s remarks when she called upon President Lazarus Chakwera to fire Timothy Mtambo as Minister of Civic Education and National Unity. He described the call as without substance and signifies unmerited vent of anger and frustrations.

Hon Timothy Mtambo

“The remarks made by the Hon Martha Lunji, are both nonsensical for their lack of substance and are coming across as unmerited exhaust of frustrations and anger” Justin expressed.

The CFT communication strategists argued that the argument that the Minister of Civic Education and National Unity should be fired because he was involved in mass demonstrations claiming that such demonstrations resulted into people’s houses and other structures being destroyed reflects the utmost nonsense that any reasonable mind cannot be expected to display.

He went further to say that the demonstrations, which were calling for electoral justice were vindicated by both the Court by nullifying the disputed election, the Parliament by determining that the Malawi Electoral Commission leadership conducted the disputed election without competence, and by Malawians in general by voting out the regime that benefited from the disputed election.

“I have noted that her opinion is not suggesting that the Minister was not supposed to be appointed as Minister in the first place. She goes straight into suggesting that he should be fired for being involved in the said demonstrations and not for failing to execute his assigned job. Right there, her calls come across very weak. Firstly, such an opinion is ignoring or sidelining the fact that all opposition figures then, who are now leaders of the new administration were not only endorsing, but also getting involved in the said demonstration knowing that it was one of the necessary means to assert the electoral justice which finally came to fruition,” he said.

The CFT spokesperson further explained that Lunji’s remarks are a process of her gradual healing from the electoral defeat bruises that the DPP suffered.

CFT Believes such a call is exuding vendetta against Hon Mtambo for being instrumental in fighting DPP out.

Mtambo heads the newly introduced ministry of Civic education and National Unity. In  the state of the Nation address at the opening of 49th session of parliament, President Chakwera spoke highly of the ministry highlighting that a Truth and Reconciliation commission will be introduced to help the country heal from its past. He also announced the National Civic education National policy has been finalized and will be unveiled soon.