Chakwera changes the face of Lhomwe belt, invests MK27 billion in Thyolo-Thekerani- Muona to Makhanga Road

By Linda Kwanjana

Malawi President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera is leaving no stone unturned. He is doing everything possible to develop Malawi without taking into consideration political, regional and religious boundaries.

The good example is this project number,
RA/DEV/14/08 which is uprading of Thyolo-Thekerani-Muona to Makhanga Road

The 83 km long road project is in the Southern Region of Malawi and traverses the districts of Thyolo and Nsanje. The project road branches off from the Limbe–Thyolo–Muloza (M02) road at Nambala Wani in Thyolo district and extends southwards passing through Muona trading centre and ending at Makhanga trading centre in Nsanje district.

The road is joined by the East Bank (S152) road at Muona trading centre before joining the (M01) road at Bangula trading centre. The project has many benefits to the people along the road and to the country as a whole. Some of the benefits include boosting agriculture as the road passes through tea estates which is one of the major forex earners for Malawi.

Upgrading this road has ensured that there is ease of access to markets for farm produce. The project created direct employment during construction which has a direct bearing on poverty reduction. Many people including women benefited directly from such employment whereas some benefit through buying and selling of agriculture produce from their gardens.

Reconstruction and upgrading of the road has also resulted in reduction of vehicle operating costs which constitutes the major benefit attributable to such new projects.

The project has helped to reduce travel time from the agricultural rich Nsanje district towards the commercial city of Blantyre.

Recently former President Peter Mutharika while addressing Mlhako wa Alhomwe finger pointed President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera Government of developing central region only.

This is blue lie because President Chakwera Government has initiated various projects right at his home in Thyolo.