Chakwera presents his nomination papers – Declares New Destiny for Malawi

By Chalo Mvula

The President of Malawi Congress Party and torchbearer of the grand alliance Dr Lazarus Chakwera  has today presented his nomination papers  at a colourful ceremony  that took place  at Soche international conference centre in Blantyre. Chakwera was flanked by his running mate and alliance partner Dr Saulos Chilima, leader of UTM and current Vice president of Malawi.

The event which was delayed as Commissioners refused to come out, citing that there was a lot of people in the hall breaking the social distancing advise to minimise spread of covid19.

In his nomination acceptance speech Dr Chakwera said  Malawi  has destiny , a destiny that has faced dark forces  that laboured  to prevent  the elections but have failed.  Chakwera said “ for the past 26 years  Malawi democracy  has been hijacked  by  cheats  who have  hijacked votes  and unleashed Violent campaigns. 26 years that has seen government resources plundered and citizens left impoverished “

Chakwera and Chilima on their way to present Nomination papers

Chakwera also spoke highly of the grand alliance declaring that this is the new Malawi that sees different political parties working together. He had no Kind words for the current team of Malawi Electoral Commission.

He then declared Malawi destiny is as Malawi “watsopano Okomela Tonse”. On his running mate Dr Saulos Chilima Chakwera described him not as his running mate but partners that are deemed to work together to build a new Malawi. He said in the past 26 years Vice presidents have been underutilised, but this will not be the case with the new Malawi. Chakwera declared that 2nd July will be Malawi’s Third independence The event was also attended by other alliance partners including former Malawi President Dr Joyce Banda. Also in attendance were the two former running mates of the Dr Chakwera and Dr Chilima, Sidik Mia and Michael Usi .  In an interview Sidik Mia said he was excited to see Chakwera and Chilima representing the alliance “It’s not about me, it’s about Malawi. All I want to see is that Malawi deserves a good leader. A leader that bails   Malawi out of the problems that the country is facing. I want to see a government that improves lives of the people” said Mia. His remarks were echoed by Dr Michael Usi who said the getting the position of Vice President is of less importance as what is important is to serve Malawians