Issues cleared over Chakwera Mutharika Meeting

Malawi Congress party president Dr Lazarus Chakwera has taken steps to address the issue that is dividing opinions, that of the potential meeting with President Mutharika. Local Media and social media has been awash with news that Dr Chakwera has agreed to have a one to one meeting with Mutharika. However, it appears that the news has taken many twist and turns with many choosing to interpret the potential meeting to suit their political narratives. 

Speaking to the media , Dr Lazarus Chakwera took the initiative to clarify the basis  of the whole story. Chakwera said members of the mediating team for Public Affairs Committee came to meet him where the committee asked him if there was anything he can do to help sort out the many problems that the country  was facing. At this point Chakwera asked PAC to give him the outcome of what they had discussed with Mutharika. Members of PAC had prior discussions with Mutharika , and they used this opportunity to tell Chakwera what they had discussed with Mutharika

PAC officials then asked Chakwera if he would be willing to meet Mutharika to have a meaningful discussion to help find solutions to the escalating lack of rule of law that Malawi is facing. “ I told PAC officials that i had no problem meeting President Mutharika, Malawians have to be able to talk to each other face to face, this is the only way we can promote peace” said Chakwera.

However the MCP leader highlighted that any potential meeting would not involve any discussion about the ongoing Election Court Case “ We have to respect the judiciary, I know most people are frustrated, others thinking its taking too long, but we have to respect the judiciary and let them do their job at their pace , in the end we will get the justice that every Malawian deserve. We stand for rule of law, the wheels of justice doesn’t necessarily move faster as many people would want to “ said Chakwera

Chakwera made it clear that his party is open  for meaning negotiations that will be of benefit for Malawians  but that any meeting should not involve discussions over the ongoing Constitutional court case . “ This is why MCP as party would rather wait until the election case first, As a leader i speak policy . I speak contact and dialogue but as i have told PAC officials, it has to be at an appropriate time.

The Constitutional court has announced that Malawians should expect ruling on the election case any day from December  21. Chakwera took opportunity to remind Malawians of the need to maintain peace during the time of the court ruling. “ I am the only leader at the moment who has called on Malawians to maintain peace during this time” He challenged the other political leaders to follow suit.