Chakwera receives Sword of Command

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

The symbolic ceremony to present the mandate of governing this country in the hands of the state president Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has taken place at Kamuzu Barracks parade square on Monday July 6 alongside Malawi’s 56th independence celebration.

Led by commander for the Malawi Defence Force, General Peter Namathanga, the sword was presented to president Chakwera at exactly 11:15Am and the 21 gun salute which is the highest honor given to the heads of state by the Malawi Defence Force was conducted in honor of the newly inaugurated head of state and at exactly 11:18Am, the new commander in chief of the MDF Dr. Lazarus Chakwera went down to inspect the first guard of honor in his capacity as the commander in chief of the defence force.

The inauguration signifies full Presidential powers over the governance of the country and the MDF as the commander in chief for the defence force. In his speech president Lazarus Chakwera thanked all Malawians for their sacrifices towards making him and his vice who they are today saying without them the new dawn of democracy won’t be possible. He then encouraged the citizens to have the courage and endure the pains as it is good that they clear the messes first before they start to rebuild the new Malawi.

President Chakwera has lamented that all Malawians must work hard and work smart as time for handouts to noise makers and hand-clappers has passed. He has since promised to be going to Parliament to answer questions from MPs, ask Parliament to reduce presidential powers and be meeting opposition leaders.

The function took place at Kamuzu Barracks parade ground after president Chakwera announced in a national address on Sunday evening that due to fast spread of Covid-19 pandemic the inaugural ceremony must not take place at the Bingu National Stadium as initially scheduled and was attended by delegates from other countries including Tanzania, Zambia including the chewa chief Kalonga Gawaundi, Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Also in attendance were local dignitaries like politicians, judiciary, chiefs and religious leaders.

Dr. Chakwera won the fresh election on June 23, 2020 with almost 58% to become the 6th president of the republic of Malawi and was sworn in on June 28,2020 at Malawi Square of the BICC complex. *From Kamuzu Barracks parade square in the city of Lilongwe, this is Chilimunthaka reporting*