Chaponda urges MCM to watch for bad apples in the media profession

By Vincent Gunde

Mulanje South legislator Dr. George Chaponda, has urged the Media Council of Malawi (MCM) to be on the watch for bad apples in the media profession observing that the sector is riddled with those who pose as journalists.

Chaponda says these bad apples are the ones who are even paid to compose a tale to destroy the reputation of innocent people advising journalists to stop this malpractice and be fair and independent as many have been.

He says as the world commemorates Press Freedom Day which falls on May,3 he has wished all journalists in Malawi a Happy World Press Freedom Day advising them to be mindful of the challenges they are facing in carrying out their tasks and ensuring that information flows smoothly.


Writing on his official Facebook page, Chaponda has applauded Malawi’s media for doing an excellent job despite the challenges they are experiencing in carrying out their tasks saying a free and independent press is critical in protecting the right to knowledge and holding those in power accountable.

He says he is aware of the lack of resources, inadequate internet access, poor working conditions, political and state meddling in their job and the competition with the new media, among other challenges journalists are facing in Malawi.

Chaponda says according to Benjamin Franklin, a free press is not a privilege, but an intrinsic requirement in a great society, the media is the fourth pillar of democracy, bringing the truth to the public,” reads Chaponda’s writings on the wall.

And in another related development, Dr. George Chaponda has reminded Malawians that the truth takes years, people placed his name on the maize gate case on his head, thanking the courts for acquitting him despite the fact that he was crucified in public.

Chaponda says he has chosen the DPP, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and will continue to do so reminding those who don’t know that in 2012, the then president offered him a ministerial position, but he declined because of loyalty, stood by the DPP and Professor Mutharika.

He says being loyal requires strength saying he has every motive to abandon his party-DPP as did by many others but devotion compelled him to stick with the party and the people he had promised to serve.